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The days are numbered for coal-fired power plants

It appears that utilities are opting to decommission their old out dated coal-fired power plants rather than retrofitting due to the cost of compliance with new and future environmental standards such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury Air Toxic Standards, and the declining cost of electricity due to cheap and plentiful natural gas.

This is […]

LED bulb prices closing in on CFLs

Re: Energy

Forget CFL — the new alphabet soup is LED since these bulbs are set to revolutionize lighting. Hopefully soon they will add LEDs to the Act 129 energy conservation programs to get them for low or no cost from your utility. [more]

A flywheel plant energizes Pennsylvania

Re: Energy

Now this has got to the coolest use of old fashion technology: store energy in a high speed spinning wheel and convert the kinetic energy back to useful electric power to help balance the grid during peak usage. This is exactly what is being done at the 20 Megawatt flywheel plant in Hazleton, […]