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Using Power Production Estimates in PA to earn SREC credits

As you can imagine it will get old real fast for PA solar owner’s to have to read their solar revenue grade mater and report it to GATS on a regular basis. Below are the guildlines from PA AEPS for using solar production estimates to receive automatic SREC/AECs credit on a regular basis:

December 21st, 2012 | Tags: , | Category: Renewable Energy Credits | Comments are closed

Experts say Solar power prices to continue falling through 2025

Science Daily Prices for solar modules — the part of solar panels that produce electricity — will continue to fall, in line with the long-term trend since 1980, according to a survey of experts by Near Zero, a nonprofit energy research organization. However, for prices to keep falling for the long term will require continued […]

US lawmakers to push tax code change for renewable energy in 2013

Reuters A group of U.S. lawmakers said that they plan to push ahead in the new year to change the tax code so renewable energy projects could qualify for beneficial tax structures commonly used by pipelines and other energy-related companies. Democratic and Republican sponsors of proposed legislation said they think momentum is growing for their […]

PA Sunshine meter reporting now required for only 2 years!

The PA DEP has changed it’s requirements that Sunshine grant recipients are now only required to reports their annual solar meter readings for two years (instead of three years).