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Solar ThermoPhotoVoltaic (STPV) enables solar cells to exceed 32% theoretical efficiency limit

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published a paper last week in the journal Nature Energy describing how they built a working solar thermophotovoltaic device (STPV) that pushes solar cells through a theoretically predicted ceiling on how much sunlight they can convert into electricity. With this exciting new technology, the scientist show the […]

33% Solar Cell Efficiency May Be Coming Soon!

I found this article very fascinating about hybrid lead halide perovskites that may soon provide us with 33% Solar Cell Efficiencies. What I find really cool about this material science is that hybrid lead halide perovskites are derived from a liquid solution and can be spread on to just about any irregular surface – the […]

The Future of Solar Energy – An MIT Reveiw

Here is an informative publication about the Future of Solar AN INTERDISCIPLINARY MIT STUDY

Residential Combined Heat and Power Systems

Once available only to large commercial sites, Combined Heat and Power generation (CHP) systems are now available on a scale that is safe, practical, and affordable to homeowners. CHP technologies, sometimes referred to as a power plant, have provided heat and electrical energy efficiently at commercial and industrial sites for many years. However, with over […]

Sunny Day Power is now Energy1 Systems

As of January 2015 Sunny Day Power has officially changed its name to Energy1 Systems. While Energy1 is still very much in the solar industry we have expanded our product & service offering to include residential and commercial fuel cell based micro-CHP (combined heat & power) systems. With a micro-CHP system our customers can become […]

Redox Power Inexpensive 25KW Fuel-Cell Generator

MIT Review

People could soon get cleaner energy from a compact fuel-cell generator in their backyards, at costs cheaper than power from the grid. At least, that’s the hope of Redox Power Systems, a startup based in Fulton, Maryland, which plans to offer a substantially cheaper fuel cell next year.

Redox is developing fuel cells […]

More reasons to hate gasoline powered vehicles


I’m a big proponent of Electric Vehicles (EVs) since they virtually eliminate many of the problems that we have gotten used to with our dirty gasoline powered vehicles such as virtually eliminating air and noise pollution. And another big thing: no more oil changes! which I absolutely hate having to get done every 3 […]

As major economies deal with China’s dumping, will we continue to see solar module price per watt drop?

PV Magazine

As the major world economic players try to deal with China dumping of solar modules on the world who will eventually win? Solar module prices have steadily been dropping through the floor during the past few years and many large established solar module manufactures have been forced to exit the market. Hopefully when […]

Community solar farms an excellent idea!

Solar Industry

I can’t tell you how many home owners who wanted solar on their home could not get it due to shade issues or their home not having the correct solar orientation. Also, I’ve had plenty of home owners with ideal solar conditions unable to get solar since their HOA would not allow it!


The days are numbered for coal-fired power plants

It appears that utilities are opting to decommission their old out dated coal-fired power plants rather than retrofitting due to the cost of compliance with new and future environmental standards such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury Air Toxic Standards, and the declining cost of electricity due to cheap and plentiful natural gas.

This is […]