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More reasons to hate gasoline powered vehicles


I’m a big proponent of Electric Vehicles (EVs) since they virtually eliminate many of the problems that we have gotten used to with our dirty gasoline powered vehicles such as virtually eliminating air and noise pollution.  And another big thing: no more oil changes! which I absolutely hate having to get done every 3 or 5 thousand miles, what a hassle!  Here is another reason not to drive a gasoline powered vehicle: the price of gas!  And did you know the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard is making us all pay more at the pump with its unrealistic ethanol mandates? [more]


With EVs you eliminate many of the hassles and expenses associated with gasoline powered vehicles.  If you are thinking of getting an EV, I recommend doing it sooner rather than later before the Federal and State governments impose a per mile tax which is currently being discussed but may still be several years away. So for now you can drive your EV tax free.  You can also recharge your EV for free with the Sunny Day Power EV solar recharging station,  AUTORAC™.  To order an AUTORAC™ please contact Dennis Murphy 610.358.6065 or at dennis@sunnydaypower.net to get a free quote.

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