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Green Elec. & Mech. Services

To help you use less energy and save money Sunny Day Power provides Green Electrical and Mechanical services. 

Energy Savings Services

  • Energy Audit.
  • Replacement of stoves or ovens with a gas Energy Star approved appliance. 
  • Replace your old electric dryer with a gas Energy Star approved appliance.
  • Replace your old electric hot water heater with a gas Energy Star water heater. 
  • Replace your electric heating furnace with a gas Energy Star approved furnace. 
  • Replace your old thermostat with an Energy Star approved programmable thermostat.
  • Replace your incandescent light bulbs with Energy Star approved CFL or LED light bulbs.
  • Install insulation in attic space – in Pennsylvania the Department of Energy recommends R60 to be installed in attic spaces – most homes do not meet this standard – Sunny Day Power can correct the problem for you and help you slash your annual heating and cooling costs.

Standby Generator
Sunny Day Power has the experience to install a standby generator in your house or business.  If you are a victim of frequent power outages or have equipment in your building that requires 24/7 up-time then a standby generator is what you need!

Standby generators automatically turn-on and cut over when there is a power failure and automatically turn off when the power is restored.  Sunny Day Power will do all of the work for you:

  • Specify the right size generator for your need.
  • Prepare a concrete pad and mount your generator. 
  • Run the LP or natural gas line. 
  • Install the transfer switch and wire to your main circuit panel.

Whole Building Surge Protection
Voltage spikes of several hundred or even thousands of volts generated by outside sources do occasionally occur.  The most common cause is lightening striking nearby utility infrastructure which is immediately transmitted to your home or business.
Adding a whole building surge protector will give you a good insurance policy against costly damage to your delicate electrical equipment.  Since the equipment is installed at your main circuit panel; it will eliminate this need for those bulky and unsightly surge power strips.

Sunny Day Power has an experienced electrician on staff ready to help you upgrade your electric service with a whole building surge protector.  Please call Dennis Murphy at 610.358.6065 x115 today for a quick quote.

KVAR Energy Controller
Sunny Day Power can install a KVAR Energy Controller in your building which can potentially help you save up to 40% on your electric bill.   If you install a grid-tied PV Solar system; you will still need to draw power from the electric company at night when the sun is not shinning.  A KVAR Energy Controller is a prefect solution to further reduce your energy expenses.

A KVAR Energy Controller is primarily a good fit for business / industrial customers using a lot of rotating machinery, compressors, or copy machines.  It is also be a good fit for a residential customer with a large home containing more than one kitchen; multiple HVAC systems, and with a swimming pool and/or hot tub.