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Redox Power Inexpensive 25KW Fuel-Cell Generator

MIT Review

People could soon get cleaner energy from a compact fuel-cell generator in their backyards, at costs cheaper than power from the grid. At least, that’s the hope of Redox Power Systems, a startup based in Fulton, Maryland, which plans to offer a substantially cheaper fuel cell next year.

Redox is developing fuel cells that feed on natural gas, propane, or diesel. The cells, which generate electricity through electrochemical reactions rather than combustion, could allow businesses to continue operating through power outages like those caused by massive storms such as Hurricane Sandy, but they promise to be far cleaner and quieter than diesel generators. They can also provide continuous power, not just emergency backup power, so utilities could use them as distributed power sources that ease congestion on the grid, preventing blackouts and lowering the overall cost of electricity.

Redox’s claims sound a lot like those made in 2010 by Bloom Energy (see “Bloom Reveals New Fuel Cells”), a well-funded fuel-cell startup in Sunnyvale, California. But Bloom’s fuel cells are based on relatively conventional technology, and so far they have proved far too expensive for homes. Redox claims to have developed fuel cells based on novel materials that could cut costs by nearly 90 percent. The first product will be a 25-kilowatt generator that Redox says produces enough electricity for a grocery store. The company eventually plans to sell smaller versions for homes.

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A natural gas powered fuel cell is a perfect alternative to a standby gas or diesel generator for your business or home and can actually provide 24×7 reliable clean power at or perhaps cheaper than the utility without all of that noise of a generator.  Also, like solar, you are entitled to a 30% federal tax credit, plus state incentives, plus you can earn clean energy credits which will help offset your capital investment; thus making a fuel cell investment very attractive.

If you are considering a fuel cell for your business or home please contact Dennis Murphy at dennis@SunnyDayPower.NET or at 610.358.6065 to get a free site assessment and proposal.  Sunny Day Power is a full service alternative energy construction company.

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