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EV Wireless Inductive Charging Technology is on the way!

I saw this article today on VOX about Wireless Inductive EV Charging Technology:


I believe this is a much needed step to giving EV’s the convenience factor of a gas powered vehicle. Just park your EV over the inductive charger and your done! Nice!

I’m curious about the safety factors? i.e., no human hands […]

More reasons to hate gasoline powered vehicles


I’m a big proponent of Electric Vehicles (EVs) since they virtually eliminate many of the problems that we have gotten used to with our dirty gasoline powered vehicles such as virtually eliminating air and noise pollution. And another big thing: no more oil changes! which I absolutely hate having to get done every 3 […]

Cars GiV their power back to the grid

Re: Energy

EVs that earn money while they’re parked. That makes fiscal sense. [MORE]


Earn even MORE money with the Sunny Day Power EV solar recharging station, AUTORAC™. Even when you are driving your EV! your AUTORAC™ will continue to generate clean power that will get pumped back into the grid; EV owners will […]

The Tesla Model S is the best car ever!

Re: Energy

Consumer Reports magazine proclaimed last week that the Tesla Model S electric vehicle is the best car they have ever tested. Yeah, we said EVER. Trust us, you don’t need to be a gearhead to love this story. [MORE].


Follow Sunny Day Power as it ramps up manufacturing of the AUTORAC™ solar […]

Mall pilots fast electric vehicle charger powered by solar panels

ZDNet Simon Property Group has been experimenting with electric vehicle charging infrastructure for some time now, but its new installation in Carmel, Ind., marks a departure into unknown territory for several reasons. Not only does the fast-charging system rely on 10 kilowatts of solar generating capacity, it also comes with an integrated, 75-kilowatt battery from […]


Design World

Is it entertainment or engineering? Car races are a huge deal in the US and around the world. It’s fun to see how fast we can make our machines go. The Indy 500 and Formula 1 racing, attract massive crowds and millions of dollars of investment. Drag racers compete to drive the fastest […]

Home solar systems to be an option for Honda customers

The New York Times Automakers have long resorted to incentives like zero-percent financing, rewards points and rebates to inspire customer loyalty. Now Honda is offering a different deal — inexpensive home solar power systems for customers. Through a partnership with SolarCity, a residential and commercial installer, Honda and Acura will offer their customers home solar […]

Fuel-efficient and electric cars gain in popularity as gasoline prices sprint ahead

General Motors reported that U.S. sales in April increased by 26% and that the company’s most fuel-efficient vehicles led the way. The company cited the recent increase in gasoline prices as the primary motivator for improved sales among these smaller and more efficient models. The Chevrolet Cruze saw a sales increase of 180% compared to […]