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Design World

Is it entertainment or engineering? Car races are a huge deal in the US and around the world. It’s fun to see how fast we can make our machines go. The Indy 500 and Formula 1 racing, attract massive crowds and millions of dollars of investment. Drag racers compete to drive the fastest quarter mile and street racers put heart and soul in their machines to squeeze all the performance they can out of smaller block engines. Hollywood has glorified all these racing forms in movies like “Fast and Furious” and “Days of Thunder”. MORE


If you own an EV be sure to ask about the Sunny Day Power solar EV recharging system: AUTORAC™.  AUTORAC™  is a solar EV recharging system that will produce all of the required annual energy to recharge a typical EV.  Once AUTORAC™  is installed and paid for, the EV owner will drive for FREE! That’s a race worth winning!

For more information about AUTORAC™ solar EV recharging system, please contact Dennis Murphy at 610.358.6065 x115 or at dennis@SunnyDayPower.NET.

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