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PA Sunshine Grants are BACK Fully Funded – no waiting list!


The PA Sunshine Program is, as of Jan. 24, 2013, out of the Waiting List phase and back in an active rebate mode, thanks to $7.25 million in funding from the Commonwealth Financing Authority. DEP is reserving a portion of these funds to satisfy rebate reservations and applications for projects previously submitted and on the Waiting List queue, however these projects must now be completed by June 1, 2013. DEP has instituted a more stream-lined rebate application process moving forward. Contractors will first complete the solar project then submit the application for reimbursement.

In order to be eligible for the first come, first served rebate program which began Jan. 26, 2013, you must have constructed and completed your project after that date. Any project constructed or completed prior to that date must have a current approved rebate reservation from prior to Jan. 26, 2013.


If you are thinking about Solar for your home or business NOW is the time while money is available again. Call Dennis Murphy at 610.358.6065 x115 or email at dennis@SunnyDayPower.NET to get a free solar quote for your home or business.

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