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Clean Energy News

State clean energy policies vital to development

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s “State of the States 2010” report confirms that state policies have been highly effective at inducing development of solar, wind, and energy efficiency markets. These policies have helped increase the use of renewable energy by 3 percent across the United States in 2010 […]

Fuel-efficient and electric cars gain in popularity as gasoline prices sprint ahead

General Motors reported that U.S. sales in April increased by 26% and that the company’s most fuel-efficient vehicles led the way. The company cited the recent increase in gasoline prices as the primary motivator for improved sales among these smaller and more efficient models. The Chevrolet Cruze saw a sales increase of 180% compared to […]

Pennsyvania Solar Energy Update

Community Energy to build Pennsylvania’s largest solar project to date

On May 12, 2011 Community Energy and Exelon Generation announced the close of a 15-year contract to purchase the power and renewable energy credits generated by Community Energy’s 6 MW solar array planned for Lancaster, PA. This 25,000 panel project is the largest to date […]

Large solar farm planned Longwood Gardens Kennett SQ PA

´╗┐One of the best-known gardens in the Keystone State will soon be home to a massive solar plant. Longwood Gardens, which is located just outside Philadelphia, will soon see construction on a large solar farm completed, according to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer. More…