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PA Sunshine program will shut down by end of year but money is still available NOW!

PA Sunshine program is slated to end by 12/31/2013.  The program is no longer handing out grant reservations.  They are simply approving  and issues grants after systems get installed.  One of the reasons for this is a reservation allocates money for a system and if the system never gets built it ties of money that could have been used for a customer that actually wants to put solar on their home or business.

It is my understanding that systems that get build and grant request submitted by June 1st are pretty certain to see a check from the state; but between June 1st and December 31st it’s really a matter of if funds are available.  Obviously the closer we get to December 31st the lesser the change grant funds will be available.

If you are thinking of solar from your Pennsylvania home or business NOW is the time to order your system before the PA Sunshine program ends.  Please contact Dennis Murphy at 610.358.6065 x115 or email at dennis@sunnydaypower.net to get a prompt solar quote for your home of business.

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