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Solar Systems & Rebates

Sunny Day Power can design and deploy any size or power rating solar photovoltaic (PV) system for your home or business.  However, we do have three standard systems that work well with GRID-TIED installs:

  • 4kW System
  • 8kW System
  • 10kW system

PA rebate will cover only up to the first 10kWs for residential installs and up to the first 200kWs for business installs. Customers, however, can install larger systems; but the PA rebate will only provide reimbursement for up these maximum sizes.

Pennsylvania Sunshine Program Eligibility

The system Installer MUST be on the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) list of approved installers.  Sunny Day Power LLC is an approved installer by the DEP.

The following applicants are eligible for PA Sunshine rebates:

Residential  Applicants: Residential applicants must be Pennsylvania residents.  The applicant must be the owner of the  home where the project will be installed.  All residential projects must be completed on the homeowner’s primary residence.  Vacation homes and investment properties will not qualify for funding as a residential project.

Small  Business  Applicants: Small business applicants must be a for‐profit business located within Pennsylvania.  To qualify for small business funding, the applicant must be a separate legal entity with no more than 100 full time employees.  The term includes an agricultural producer of a farm commodity. Applicants must not have any outstanding obligations to the commonwealth, including but not limited to outstanding taxes.

Sunny Day Power must prepare your pre-installation application for the DEP . The pre-installation application will include your system electrical design, plot plan and roof diagram, solar shade analysis, and component list.   Please note that Sunny Day Power will not charge a customer for the pre-installation application if we find that the site is not a good candidate for a solar install and thus we will not submit an application to the DEP.

If your application is approved you will receive a reservation number for your grant.  Please note all grant reservation expire in 12 months; so it is very important to deploy your PV solar system promptly to guarantee reimbursement.

Once Sunny Day Power completes your system install; Sunny Day Power will file a Post-Installation Reimbursement application on behalf of our customer.

System Cost and Pay Back
Sunny Day power will install your system at an average cost of $4.80 per watt (each system may vary) and you will be entitled to receive a rebate reimbursement of $0.75  per watt from the Pennsylvania Sunshine Fund (Waiting Period level).

As an example (Nov 2012); a 4kW Grid-Tied solar system will cost $4.80 x 4000 = $19,200 to install; and at this time you will be entitled to a rebate from the PA Sunshine program of $0.75 x 4000 = $3,000.  Also, you will be entitled to a 30% Federal tax credit (Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit) which represents another $5,760.  Thus, your installed price after rebates and tax credits will be about $10,400.

Next, you will be entitled to Federal and State Renewable Energy Credits for the first 10 years of your solar system service. You will be entitled to receive the Federal Renewable Energy Production Incentive (REPI) payments on an annual basis for the first 10 years. Currently the program is paying 2.1 cents per kW-hour generated. For a 4KW system; you should expect to generate around 14,000 kW hours of electricity annually. Thus, you should expect to earn about $300 per year from the REPI program for a typical 4kW system.  Also, you will receive Alternative Energy Credits (AEC) through the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Credits Program (PA AEPS). Currently an AEC credit is worth about $50; and 1 AEC = 1000 kW-hours generated.

Thus, for our 4KW example; you should expect to earn $700 per year (and increasing at about 5% per year) in Renewable Energy Credits from the State and Federal. After ten years you could potentially earn $8,804 (assuming 5% annual growth of sREC income).  If you use this income to off set your solar system initial investment and account for $850 per year savings in electricity bills; you will breakeven (system paid for) in 4.5 years; and after this time you will still have 5.5 years of Renewable Energy Credits that you can earn. Basically, after 4.5 years your solar system will be an INCOME GENERATOR for many years to come.

Sunny Day Power will require the following payment schedule for each install:

  • $1,000 Deposit at time of application
  • 35% of install price once application is approved by DEP (for our 4kW example a payment of $6,370 is due)
  • 35% of install price once solar materials arrive (for our 4kW example a payment of $6,370 is due)
  • 30% of install price upon passing final electrical inspection (for our 4kW example a payment of $5,760 is due)
  • Optional: $275 to have Sunny Day Power submit your application to receive payment for your State Annual Renewable Energy Credits.
  • You will receive your rebates and tax credits after paying Sunny Day Power for your install.  PA Sunshine rebates checks typically arrive 4-8 weeks after your system goes on-line.  Federal Tax credits are realized when you file your annual Federal tax return.

Pennsylvania’s Special Low Rate, Low Payment Financing Program
Most Pennsylvania homeowners who meet the program’s eligibility guidelines can get a low cost loan for their solar system. These low rate loans can save consumer thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, further enhancing the energy saving from the improvements being made and minimizing out of pocket costs.

First and most important; Sunny Day Power will provide qualifying customers a 1 year  same as cash loan for the amount of the expected State and Federal incentives. Thus, for our 4Kw example, Sunny Day Power will provide a 1 year interest free loan for $8,760 (representing $3,000 that you are expected to get back from that State for the Sunshine grant, plus $5,760 that your are expected to get back from the Federal as tax credit).  Therefore, when a customer receives their solar rebates and tax credits they are expected to promptly pay off this loan.

Next; Sunny Day Power will help qualifying customers obtain a second unsecured loan with our financing partner for the balance of the system (i.e., for the balance you will owe after rebates and tax credits).

Sunny Day Power is an approved Pennsylvania Energy Star Home Energy Loan contractor and we can help you with every step of the process to secure an Energy Loan for your solar system.

Sunshine Grant Funds are LIMITED and will RUN OUT!!!

Please note that this is a rare opportunity; the PA Sunshine program is initially funded with $100 million dollars and it’s available on a first come first basis.  Once funds are exhausted there is no guarantee more funds will be made available.  If you ever considered installing a PV solar system on your Pennsylvania home or business; NOW is the time to do it!

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