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Using Power Production Estimates in PA to earn SREC credits

As you can imagine it will get old real fast for PA solar owner’s to have to read their solar revenue grade mater and report it to GATS on a regular basis.    Below are the guildlines from PA AEPS for using solar production estimates to receive automatic SREC/AECs credit on a regular basis:

Solar systems under 15kW are allowed to utilize estimates to earn AECs provided you do not have a Revenue Grade Production meter installed. Sunshine Fund participants are required to have a Revenue Grade Meter and therefore must report readings. If you are located outside of the state of PA and your state does not allow the use of estimates or has a different system size limit for estimates, you should not utilize estimates as it may result in invalid credits for your home state. If you are over the 15kW limit and thus do not qualify to utilize estimates.  A “Revenue Grade Production Meter” is NOT the utility meter, but would rather be tied to your inverters to record your total solar production. 

So in a nut shell if you are a PA Sunshine grant recipient you must report your meter reading on regular basis (ideally monthly).  The revenue grade meter requirement for the PA sunshine program is for two years.  So after two years you could feasibly have the revenue grade meter removed and ask the AEPS administrator to allow you start accumulating your SRECs/AESs on an automatic basis based on estimates.

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