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PA Sunshine Program Low Income Guidelines

Applicants that are eligible for low income solar assistance must verify their income is 60 percent of the state median income as defined by Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare. Below are the gross income limits based on household size for tax reporting purposes.

Household Size Income Limit   Household Size Income Limit
1 $23,110   6 $58,665
2 $30,221   7 $59,998
3 $37,332   8 $61,332
4 $44,443   9 $62,665
5 $51,554   10 $64,200

Each Additional Person Add $5,400

Applicants who apply for low income solar assistance will be required to report and verify all earned and unearned income to determine eligibility. Sources of income verification include but are not limited to:

  • Tax Returns (Federal or State)
  • Employer’s statement of past or anticipated earnings
  • Statements documenting income

Low income families will see a benefit over the regular rebate. The regular rebate is calculated at a dollar per watt (currently $2.25/watt) where the low income rebate is calculated at 35% of the system installed price.

Here is a general example (your situation may be different) if you install 5,180 watt system; the regular rebate will provide you about $11,665; however the low income rebate will be around $13,305.

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